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The finance team is led by the Finance Director, Alex Rutterford-Duffety, and supported by a team of highly experienced financial professionals.

Our Headteachers are responsible for putting their school budgets together for submission and approval by this team.

Financial support services include:

  • Termly school visits
  • School Business Manager termly network meetings
  • Termly newsletter and actuarial advice
  • Provision of pension disclosure and financial statements
  • Financial advice
  • All company secretarial responsibilities
  • Professional accountancy support
  • EFA returns
  • Internal and central auditing
  • Budget training and advice
  • End of Year Pension Return

Please use the DEMAT Financial Handbook for initial guidance.  However, please contact the DEMAT finance team for any financial queries, at

Property Services

The Property Services team is led by Jacqueline McCamphill, Director of Trust Development, and supported by our in-house Estates and Legal Manager and Building Surveyor.

Property support services include:

  • Professional buildings management support
  • Guidance on use of property and land, including use by third parties
  • Guidance in relation to projects and procurement
  • Guidance on tendering, selection and appointment of consultants and contractors
  • Trusts and use of funds
  • Capital funding sources
  • Asset management planning