Local Governance

Governance is pivotal to the effective and efficient running of DEMAT, including all academies, their local governing bodies, our Board of Trustees and the Shared Services Team.  As a Trust, our moral purpose is to improve life outcomes for our children, by making our academies the best that they can possibly be.

We are very fortunate to have high quality and dedicated volunteers in the form of Trustees at Board level and governors at local governing body (LGB) level, who work with us in partnership to offer robust support and challenge.

Mixed Models of Governance

We operate a standard scheme of delegation, which clearly sets out roles, responsibilities and accountabilities at all levels, and our effective LGBs will follow this. However, where we have ineffective or vulnerable LGBs for a variety of reasons, we implement a mixed model of governance where some of the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are shared across the Trust to enable effective governance to take place.

Academy Governance Handbook

All academies within the Trust are required to produce a LGB Governance Handbook which clearly sets out how they are functioning, and we are working with our LGBs on an individual basis to provide a template LGB Governance Handbook and supporting resources to enable this to happen coherently across the Trust.

DEMAT Monitoring

The Trust at Executive level implements a robust governance monitoring system which systematically monitors governance risks and performance through its established School Improvement DRV (DEMAT Review Visits) system. This enables the Trust to have a coherent view of standards of governance across the Trust and respond accordingly to LGB needs.

Governance Vacancies

Follow the link below to view the latest Governance Vacancies within DEMAT:

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Governance Advice

If you have any governance queries that you would like to discuss with DEMAT’s Governance Team then please contact us at or 01353 656760. Alternatively, please complete the form below and we will respond to your query within three working days.